About us

AiYellow is one of the leading companies in marketing online advertising directories. We operate in 30 languages and in over 150 countries, with business offices across all continents.

The objective

Our goal is to provide a sophisticated, yet simple, intuitive advertising product which can be accessible for all business segments in the market.

The mission

Our mission is to optimize our business platform with the help of strategic business alliances with first-class companies.

Quality certified

Quality is our commitment, and we assume it in all our different areas, products and services. Our service is certified by the most renowned regulation entities at a global scale: TrustGuard, W3C.

Cutting edge technology

Located in Springfield, VA, and Seattle WA, in the US, our servers meet the highest technological standards. We rely on a cutting-edge network that ensures stability and the highest quality in connections, enabling us direct connectivity to the world’s main trunk lines and most important communication nodes..