Advertiser Warning

The following list contains the names of former Independent distributors reported by other portal advertisers. This group has violated the code of ethics that regulates all the sales activities of AmarillasInternet. They have been expelled from the business community in a definitive way.

If any of them have offered you any of our advertising products, please DO NOT purchase them.

If you have already made a payment to any of this people, proceed to report this fraudulent action to the appropriate police department and immediately contact:

More than 70,000 accredited Independent Distributors welcome your preference.

In alphabetical order
ID Name and last name Country
366123 Agustin Robles Belize
363080 Aimarketing Web Mexico
363982 Alicia Pérez Mexico
366902 Anderson Rodriguez Barrera Colombia
83411 Arturo Sánchez García Mexico
366913 Carlos Garcia Argentina
362401 Carlos Pereira Colombia
363329 Carolina Jurado Mexico
363986 Delia Navarrete Gomez Mexico
47631 Douglas Milano Panama
363802 Federico Villalobos Mexico
366129 Felipe Collado Spain
360462 Fernanda Rodriguez Colombia
194801 Fredy Milan Barron Bolivia
150614 George Varela Pool Chile
363328 Graciela Garcia Mexico
364012 Guadalupe Medina Mexico
346669 Hernan Ricaurte Movilla Colombia
357480 Iason Yannis Schizas Itguruclub Greece
363327 Ivania Cambranis Mexico
363142 Ivonne Naranjo Mexico
359133 Jorge Daniel Angulo Carrillo United States
355687 Jorge Dionisio Chavez Garces Ecuador
43569 Mariela Meza Parra Colombia
363991 Patricia Moreira Mexico
358844 Roberto Gonzalez- Rubio Velez Colombia
56021 Rommel Quinapallo Ecuador
363980 Sandra Vazquez Mexico
357534 Sbonias Christos Germany