Wanderers Leisure Travels Pvt. Ltd

Wanderers Leisure Travels Pvt. Ltd

We offer you a diverse mix of tours to choose from. Ourare those who stand out from the crowd and demand indepth, offbeat, personalised & uncommon experiences on our tours to fulfil their travel wishlist our tours to fulfil their travel wish,Mumbai

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Mumbai (400052) - Mahārāshtra

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The capital of Andaman & Nicobar Islands is Port Blair.Most of the islands are in the Andamans group,26 of which are inhabited. The Nicobars comprise some 22 main islands, 10 of which are inhabited,languages spoken in Andaman & Nicobar are Bengali,Hindi, Malayalam,English,Tamil,Nicobarese & Telugu.
Andaman group is inhabited by tribes of Negrito origin, while the Nicobar Islands are inhabited by tribes of Mongloid origin.

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