International Chamber of Commerce


In 2005, a special session of the Board of Directors of the International Chamber of Commerce approved the development of a web portal where affiliated companies would be able to advertise their products or services.

After a call for competition, an American company, Iridis Advertising, based in Los Angeles California , was chosen. Iridis has a staff of programmers and designers and has been specializing in web technology and trade directories since 1995.


Combining the power of the Internet and the Iridis technology team, we set out to develop a platform to access the advertising market, with a focus on the Internet Yellow Pages Segment .

Once the technology platform was built we went to New York in January, 2007 to secure our financial resources.


On November 21, 2008 AmarillasInternet was incorporated with all the necessary licenses, registrations and permits for this market segment.


In May 2009, AmarillasInternet began to work independently of theInternational Chamber of Commerce and secured additional funding. We have never forgotten our institutional origins. As a tribute not only to the International Chamber of Commerce but to all Chambers - regional, national or international - a client in our directory will obtain an extra benefit upon proof of membership to any Chamber in the countries where we operate.

To take advantage of this benefit, contact us at or by phone at 001-305-330.99.18

We acknowledge the institutional support received from all the working committees of the International Chamber of Commerce. To share that vision, we build our business every day with over 30 offices and nearly 300,000 agents in over 150 countries.

Thank you for living the AiYellow experience.